"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." - Tony Robbins

I often ask the question when getting to know someone, "What are your goals?" Some answer in extreme detail to the point i know the names of their future children. Others tend to give me vague answers about success that leaves me saying "But wait, you didn't answer my question."

Goal setting is imperative to success. Today's top athletes, performers, and entrepreneurs all set goals. Here are some positive attributes for setting goals.

Setting goals:

1. Allows you to have a vision to work towards.

2. Helps you specifically focus your knowledge and resources to make the best of your time when working on your goals.

3. Will show you your progress overtime as you grow in your niche, which is EXTREMELY rewarding.

But what is a goal? As described by one of my mentors, "A goal is only a result by actions taken." So having a goal is like having a target in front of you. If you try to aim at something that isn't there, how do you hit it?

Here's the answer...



The best way to set them and implement them in my experience is to:

1. Write them down. Not only can you use it as a reference, but neurological studies show that writing things down increases memory, clears your mind, and gives you a sense of achievement.

2. Make your goals as specific as possible; otherwise, you're only chasing an idea rather than something concrete.

3. Set apart time each day to work on your goals. If a plant isn't watered or nurtured, will it grow? Nope. And neither will your goals. (If you don't have time to work on them, please see my previous blog on habits.)

So there you have it! Whatever your passion may be, doing this can jump start your future to what you want to obtain in life. I encourage you put this into practice and see what it can do for you!


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